About Paint Protective Film (Clear Bra)

If you love your car, then you need to read this. Paint protective film is a must for every vehicle that is important to it’s owner. Here is the truth. Your car will receive rock chips. Rock chips damaging your vehicle is as inevitable as getting wet in a pool. The road is harsh on vehicles. From acidic bug splatter … Read More

Touchless Washes: When You Just Have to Get a Car Wash

We have recently seen some nice vehicles that had paint that is in horrible condition. There were deep swirls and scratches virtually everywhere on the vehicles. Some so deep that it would take 10’s of hours to remove. While we were able to make the vehicles look much better, it is important that car owners know the damages that come … Read More

Tesla Producing Better Paint Jobs?

We take care of many different Tesla Model S production years and trims. I have seen new Teslas with paint in just horrible condition. It actually became the norm to see Teslas with paint in horrible condition. But, as of late, the difference has been night and day. We had the opportunity to coat two multi-coat red Tesla Model S’ … Read More

Car Cleaning Service and Tips

Let’s be honest, life happens. You get busy and sometimes you just never get around to cleaning your car; Whether it be the interior or exterior. Here are some quick tips to help you keep your car clean. Schedule Reoccurring Appointments This is so simple but it makes so much sense. One way I stay up to date with paying … Read More

How is Salt Bad Your Car’s Paint?

Road Salt Can Cause Rust on Your Car

Good question. We’ve all heard that road salt used in winter is bad for the paint of your car’ but is it really? What is Road Salt? Road salt’ is utilized to lower the freezing temperature on the surface of the road, resulting in less ice on the road. What we usually use is a mix of salt and sand. … Read More

What is Auto/Car Detailing?

We constantly receive calls from people asking us, “Do you guys do car washes?” Car washes are necessary and good for your car, but when you think in terms of detailing, car washes are often just the beginning. Auto detailing is the use of professional methods and products to rejuvenate the exterior and/or interior of a vehicle. Auto detailing is … Read More

5 Ways to Keep Your Windshield Wiper Blades Fresh

Windshield wipers can be annoying. From not effectively removing water to squealing ever time you use them, worn windshield wipers can be a pain. Windshield wipers are often times those overlooked things that you don’t change until you have to. Here are 5 tips to keeping your windshield wiper blades fresh so that they can be more effective and you … Read More

How to Know if a Car Cover is Right For You

One question that car lovers may have is if it is a good idea to use a car cover in winter months? The answer varies. How to Know if a Car Cover is Right for You When determining whether a car cover is good for your vehicle, you should first consider if the car is garage kept. If it is … Read More

Why Does My Tires Go Flat in Cold Weather?

It can happen to use all. Especially when your car is parked outside overnight. Tires can go flat in colder months. But why? Let’s take a quick look at why this happens. Tires Contract in Cold Weather Lower temperatures causes rubber to contract. As the tire contracts, space can be created between the rubber and rim, which will allow air … Read More

The Disadvantages of Drive-Thru Car Washes – Part One

They are just so convenient. You can pull right up and be out in less than 10 minutes. You have to love it, right? Well, you just might not love it if you found out how bad drive-thru car washes are for your paint. Let’s look at some of the effects drive-thru car washes have on your vehicle’s exterior. Scratches … Read More