How to Know if a Car Cover is Right For You

One question that car lovers may have is if it is a good idea to use a car cover in winter months? The answer varies.

How to Know if a Car Cover is Right for You

When determining whether a car cover is good for your vehicle, you should first consider if the car is garage kept. If it is stored in a garage and is regularly drive, then a you likely don’t need a cover. However, if it is in a garage and it is sitting for months and long periods of time, a car cover may be a good option.

But what if I don’t have a garage? Many people live in condos, townhouses, and apartments and simply don’t have a garage, which is completely fine. I would venture to say that you do not need a car cover in winter months if your car is properly protected with a thick wax, sealant, or permanent coating. But if the car is sitting for months at a time outside, a car cover would be a good investment so that the protection and paint would have less exposure to the elements.

If you regularly drive your vehicle on a daily or even weekly basis, having a car cover is solely up to you. With a nice layer or two of protection, your car should be just fine outside.

You should be conscious that some inexpensive car covers can be made of abrasive material that can scratch your paint as you apply and remove the cover. This is in essence taking one step forward to take two back.

Here is a great video we found online of someone that gives some helpful instruction on applying a car cover properly.

What are some of your experiences with car covers?