About Paint Protective Film (Clear Bra)

If you love your car, then you need to read this.

Paint protective film is a must for every vehicle that is important to it’s owner. Here is the truth. Your car will receive rock chips. Rock chips damaging your vehicle is as inevitable as getting wet in a pool. The road is harsh on vehicles. From acidic bug splatter to rock chips, your car will be exposed to harsh environments and road conditions.

The solution, Paint Protective Film.

Paint protective film is an invisible layer of film that goes over painted surfaces of your vehicle, particularly the front, to protect your paint from damage.

Paint protective film can be likened to a screen protector for a smartphone. The screen protector acts as a sacrificial layer that protects the integrity of the screen. When the protector gets worn, simply peel it off, and the surface under it is as good as new. Paint protective film has the exact same function, except it protects your paint from rock chips and imperfections. This allows your original paint to stay in immaculate condition, saving thousands in body shop work and keeping your baby in great condition.

Like many things in life, all things are not made equal. There are many manufacturers of paint protective films. But they are all not made equal. Paint protective film (PPF) manufacturers include Xpel Ultimate, 3M, Scothgard, Suntek, Llumar, Venture, Premium Shield, and Durashield.

Many people have their favorites, but the film with the most benefits and the only one that is self healing, is Xpel Ultimate.

Xpel Ultimate is also first place in the length of their warranty, offering a 10 Year Warranty. While second place offers a 5 Year Warranty.

Check out this video to see Xpel Ultimate’s exclusive self healing benefits:

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