What Should I Do If Something Spills In My Car?

If there’s anything that’s almost unavoidable, it’s definitely something spilling in your car. At some point in time, something will spill. It might not be because you were drinking but random spills happen from various things. The question is, what’s the most appropriate thing to do when a spill happens? Attend to The Spill While It’s Still Wet The best … Read More

How to Take Care of Your Car in the Winter

If there is anything that is unavoidable, it is the change of season. Unless you live in Florida or some tropical land, chances are you will experience a drastically different winter than summer. For those of us who do, how exactly should we care for our cars during those winter months? In the winter it is so easy to just … Read More

Is Armor-All Good For My Tires?

I remember being young and hearing stores about how old timers used to put Coca-Cola on their tires to make them shine. There’s nothing like having a set of nice shiny tires to complement a clean car. With that said, what is the best product to use on your tires? We not that the most popular brand of dressing utilize … Read More

Should I Change My Tires For the Winter?

It’s important to know whether you should change your tires for the winter or not. Well, should you? It depends. Changing from summer to winter tires means that you are opting to have tires with more traction that are often times beefier in appearance than summer tires. This is useful when you think about people who reside in areas that … Read More