Touchless Washes: When You Just Have to Get a Car Wash

We have recently seen some nice vehicles that had paint that is in horrible condition. There were deep swirls and scratches virtually everywhere on the vehicles. Some so deep that it would take 10’s of hours to remove. While we were able to make the vehicles look much better, it is important that car owners know the damages that come along with drive thru car washes. While they may be quick and cheap, they are very costly, to your paint. They inflict swirls and scratches that are extremely difficult to remove by professionals. Driving your car through a car wash is equivalent to washing your skin with a Brillo pad, it is very harsh for your skin.

A way to prevent these scratches and swirl inflictions from happening is to use a touchless car wash or a self service wash bay. This ensure that no aggressive brushes or rubber pads scratch against the paint, ultimately harming your paint. When you go touchless, you can keep the wonderful results you received from an auto detail for a much longer time. You paint will also stay in much better condition for a longer period of time. This will allow you to get more use from your car through the life of the vehicle.

I hope that helps and shows how touchless car washes are a much better alternative than aggressive ones!