The Cost of Car Ownership is Rising – Infographic

The team here at Premere wanted to find a way to educated auto enthusiast and consumer in a unique and different way. We teamed up with a phenomenal graphic design firm to bring you an infographic that communicates how car ownership cost are rising. A special thank you to AAA, ABC, and HowStuffWorks. With that said, enjoy the infographic and … Read More

What Are Your New Years Goals For Your Car?

We’ve all heard of “new years resolutions” right? It’s so exciting to look forward into the New Year and have a desire that you want to fulfill. Many times we set fitness, family, relational, and professional goals. But how about some vehicle goals? Have you ever felt like you should take better care of your car? Vacuum it out more? … Read More

5 Ways to Keep Your Windshield Wiper Blades Fresh

Windshield wipers can be annoying. From not effectively removing water to squealing ever time you use them, worn windshield wipers can be a pain. Windshield wipers are often times those overlooked things that you don’t change until you have to. Here are 5 tips to keeping your windshield wiper blades fresh so that they can be more effective and you … Read More

How to Know if a Car Cover is Right For You

One question that car lovers may have is if it is a good idea to use a car cover in winter months? The answer varies. How to Know if a Car Cover is Right for You When determining whether a car cover is good for your vehicle, you should first consider if the car is garage kept. If it is … Read More

Why Does My Tires Go Flat in Cold Weather?

It can happen to use all. Especially when your car is parked outside overnight. Tires can go flat in colder months. But why? Let’s take a quick look at why this happens. Tires Contract in Cold Weather Lower temperatures causes rubber to contract. As the tire contracts, space can be created between the rubber and rim, which will allow air … Read More

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We at Premere are all wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2013 has been kind to us and we hope it has been kind to you. We have accomplished many things and look forward to the promise of 2014. In the upcoming days we will be reflecting on 2013 and all of the things that went … Read More

The Disadvantages of Drive-Thru Car Washes – Part One

They are just so convenient. You can pull right up and be out in less than 10 minutes. You have to love it, right? Well, you just might not love it if you found out how bad drive-thru car washes are for your paint. Let’s look at some of the effects drive-thru car washes have on your vehicles exterior. Scratches … Read More

What Should I Do If Something Spills In My Car?

If there is anything that is almost inevitable, it is something spilling in your car. At one point in time something will spill. It may not be because you were drinking but spills randomly happen from all sorts of things. The question is, what is the best thing to do when spills happen? Attend to The Spill While It Is … Read More

How to Take Care of Your Car in the Winter

If there is anything that is unavoidable, it is the change of season. Unless you live in Florida or some tropical land, chances are you will experience a drastically different winter than summer. For those of us who do, how exactly should we care for our cars during those winter months? In the winter it is so easy to just … Read More

Is Armor-All Good For My Tires?

I remember being young and hearing stores about how old timers used to put Coca-Cola on their tires to make them shine. There’s nothing like having a set of nice shiny tires to complement a clean car. With that said, what is the best product to use on your tires? We know the most popular brand of dressing used on … Read More