2 Types Of Car Scratches And How To Fix Them

Car scratches are often very frustrating and upsetting. As owners, our immediate thought is to find a cheap and quick way to fix the scratches. However, there are different types of car scratches which will require different costs to fix. Understanding the types of car scratches will help you gauge how much it will cost to repair. You can choose to go to your local auto detailing service provider to allow professionals to assess the scratches. They often provide services that are affordable but depending on the area you live in. These repairs can be done at home instead at a more affordable price. You can get your supplies at a discounted rate sometimes at your local store. Here are the types of car scratches and how you can fix them!

Clear-coat Scratch

Clear-coat scratches happen at the most surface level. There is a very thin layer of clear coating that will protect the car paintwork from the harsh effects of the environment like the intense UV rays and heat that shines directly at the car. These scratches are the most superficial scratches that can happen to your car. As the scratch is not that deep to damage the paintwork, you should fix the clear-coat scratch as soon as possible as the scratches can become a sensitive part and if exposed to hard weather conditions can cause more damage. You can try using a special rubbing compound. Firstly, wash the car to ensure that all dirt is removed from the surface and dry the car with a microfiber cloth. Use a buffing pad with a sufficient amount of rubbing compound being applied to it and rub the scratched area aggressively in a circular motion. Apply some pressure as you rub the buffing paid in a circular motion. Ensure that the scratched clear coat is removed. Repeat the whole process again till the scratch is gone. After which, wash and let the car air dry.

Primer Scratch

Primer is a protective layer that is added to the body of the car to give off a shiny and smooth look. A primer scratch cuts through the clear coat layer and exposes the primer coating. Primer scratches often leave the car paintwork ruined, increasing the chances of rusting if the scratch is not fixed quickly. Primer scratch requires more time, equipment and expertise to fix. If you are not confident, you can bring the car to a repair shop. To remove these small scratches at home, you can purchase a scratch repair kit. The repair kit consists of a buffing pad and a scratch remove solution. First, give your car a good clean so that there is no dust or dirt that is on the surface. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the car surface properly. Use the buffing pad and add a small amount of the scratch remover solution and rub it on the scratched surface of the car. Wipe off the excess and leave it to dry.