Car Exterior Detailing: Tips, Supplies And How To Do It

For all car owners, car exterior detailing services are very important. Car exterior detailing requires both hand washing and the use of professional equipment to ensure that your car is cleaned thoroughly. These services ensure that it goes beyond just cleaning the surface of the car but ensure that every area, even if the area is out of reach, is cleaned well till it feels like the car is brand new. With the car exterior detailing services, it preserves the exterior paintwork without any swirl marks. It ensures that dirt and debris are removed without causing any scratches to the surface of the car. Detailing services not only makes your car look good and smell fresh, it ensures that the engines are cleaned thoroughly. When dust and dirt is removed from the engine, the car is able to run smoothly. Since the engine is cleaned regularly, it is able to operate optimally and can increase its lifespan. Car exterior detailing can also preserve your car value. When the car is well maintained and in good condition, it will naturally increase the resale value of the car. You may not live nearby an affordable provider of auto detail services. Another option is to choose to do it yourself at home! You can gather some affordable supplies, and sometimes discounted prices, at nearby stores. Here are some tips and supplies you can pick up easily to do some car exterior detailing.

Removing Odor from Interior

To neutralize strong smells like tobacco smoke, you can choose to get a can of Dakota Non-Smoke. If not, you can also use a can of air freshener. Hold the can about 12 inches away from the areas you are spraying on. Ensure that you do not soak the fabric or areas as it can leave stains. After spraying a good amount in the car, increase the fan mode or max out the zircon to ensure it circulates around the car. At the air intake opening, spray the product into the opening. Try to leave the windows and doors closed for an hour.

Cleaning the Leather

If you want to protect and maintain your leather seats, you should invest in a leather cleaning set. You can choose to purchase the Leather Master Leather Care Kit with Ink Lifter which works very well for stains on leather. Have this cleaning set ready in your car as the faster you try to remove the stain, the easier the stain will come off. If the stain sets for about 24 hours, it can become a permanent stain. Do ensure that before you remove the stain, you apply conditioner to the leather. Apply the ink lifter to the leather and rub it gently to remove the stain.  Give it about 30 seconds for the product to work then wipe the product off. After which, apply some leather cleaner and leather protection cream to finish up!