Car Interior Detailing Tips: The Do’s And Don’ts

Car interior detailing will allow proper maintenance of the interior of your car including the seats, consoles and the carpets. Having car interior detailing done regularly will prevent wear and tear which preserve the pristine condition the car came in. Not only does it protect the car, it also protects you. As you are in a closed environment in the car for a while, it is important that the car is cleaned properly. This is because the dust and dirt in the car will cause the air quality in the car to be poor. Breathing in the poor quality air for too long will impact your health and cause allergies. This impacts your safety on the road. As such, car interior detailing is important. Some people believe that going to a mobile auto detailing will be expensive. However, you can do car detailing at home at affordable prices. Here are the do’s and don’ts when you are attempting to do some car interior detailing at home.

Interior Detailing Brushes

You should consider investing in interior detailing brushes that can easily clean the dusty radio or console. These brushes are perfect for seats and buttons that are hard to clean with a cloth. These brushes have very soft bristles which makes it easy to clean small and tight areas. Some of these brushes have longer hairs or even longer handles that allow you to clean areas that are hard to reach.

Carpet Extractors

Carpet extractors will help to remove the dirt out of the carpet. Cleaning the carpet with some degreaser is not enough to fully clean the carpets. As such, it is important to have carpet extractors to ensure deep cleaning. Carpet extractors will release water onto the carpet while sucking up the water into the machine.

Right Vacuum Attachment

Vacuums are needed to ensure dust does not accumulate in the car. However, the attachment heads for the vacuum are also important. Choose a brush head that is suitable for the size of your console, seat and carpet. The bristles will make it so much easier to remove dirt like grass that can easily stick to the carpet. Using a service tool, it becomes a lot easier to clean the area between the seats. This attachment is great for tight spaces and even for doors!

Deodorizing the Car

After cleaning the interior of the car, there still may be an odor or unpleasant smell that comes from the vent. Do try to locate the air filter and try to clean them regularly. These filters will filter the incoming air which can trap these odors. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these filters as well. You can circulate deodoriser by attaching a long straw to the deodoriser and the car vent. This ensures that the car will smell fresh and clean. Do note that there are only specific deodorisers that can be used for the car interior.