Car Detailing Process: How Is It Done?

Car detailing services are important if you want to protect and maintain the condition of your car. Car detailing done regularly will protect both the interior and exterior of the car, allowing it to look good and maintain its pristine condition. Going to a professional automobile detailing service can increase the value of your car. These services are priced affordably and still provide spectacular services to care for your car. However, before engaging in these services, it is important to know why car detailing is important. Regular car detailing ensures that there is lesser wear and tear. Additionally, with car detailing, it reduces the smell of odor as it extracts the dirt and dust from the vents. They often apply odor eliminators to reduce unpleasant smells. These air fresheners are only a temporary solution to mask the odor, as such car detailing often ends with the use of an odor eliminator. If you are interested in car detailing, you should know what you are paying for! Here is a breakdown of a regular car detailing process.


The first step is always to clean the wheels. The wheels are the dirtiest area of the car, as such, it requires a pre-soak using and good quality wheel cleaner. Do use a brush to clean the areas that are harder to reach. You can even use a wash cloth if you do not have a brush.


Before washing the car,  do not forget to use a pre-cleaner. Pre-cleaners are to ensure that stubborn stains and grime are removed. Do choose a good pre-cleaner that is gentle to the wax coat on the car. Spray the solution on lower parts of the car.

Snow Foam

After the pre-cleaner is used, snow foam is sprayed onto the car to break down germs and loose particles on the car. It ensures that it removes as much dirt as it can so that it will reduce sill marks to the paint.

Shampooing the Car

To ensure that the paintwork on the car is kept in pristine condition, it is important to give the car a wash every two weeks. Shampooing your car regularly would remove the dirt and remove all kinds of stains. It will also prevent rust. Many people have the misconception that washing the car regularly would cause the protective coating on the car to erode. However, it is not necessarily true. Using the wrong shampoo like a washing up liquid would damage the paint. Additionally, shampooing it regularly without waxing it will cause the car to be easily damaged. Instead, try using a two-in-one solution that consists of a shampoo and wax.


After the shampooing process, the car is sprayed with an iron dissolver. This will reduce any ferrous contamination. Next, a solvent tar remover is used to soften the tar that may be stuck to the paint. It is important to clean the areas that have been treated with the solvent very thoroughly.