About Paint Protective Film (Clear Bra)

If you love your car, then you need to read this. Paint protective film is a must for every vehicle that is important to it’s owner. Here is the truth. Your car will receive rock chips. Rock chips damaging your vehicle is as inevitable as getting wet in a pool. The road is harsh on vehicles. From acidic bug splatter … Read More

Touchless Washes: When You Just Have to Get a Car Wash

We have recently seen some nice vehicles that had paint that is in horrible condition. There were deep swirls and scratches virtually everywhere on the vehicles. Some so deep that it would take 10’s of hours to remove. While we were able to make the vehicles look much better, it is important that car owners know the damages that come … Read More

Tesla Producing Better Paint Jobs?

We take care of many different Tesla Model S production years and trims. I have seen new Teslas with paint in just horrible condition. It actually became the norm to see Teslas with paint in horrible condition. But, as of late, the difference has been night and day. We had the opportunity to coat two multi-coat red Tesla Model S’ … Read More

Car Cleaning Service and Tips

Let’s be honest, life happens. You get busy and sometimes you just never get around to cleaning your car; Whether it be the interior or exterior. Here are some quick tips to help you keep your car clean. Schedule Reoccurring Appointments This is so simple but it makes so much sense. One way I stay up to date with paying … Read More

Car Interior Detailing and Cleaning: Our Definition

There a many detailers” and car washes that offering car interior detailing/cleaning services. But like many things in life, not all services are created equal. Most detailers” and car washes offer a glorified car wash and are nowhere near a true detail. Here is a quick rundown of what car interior detailing is to us at Premere. Car Interior Detailing … Read More

2012 Range Rover HSE: Gold Package

Premere Auto Detail 2012 Range Rover HSE

Here are some pictures of a client’s Range Rover that received our Gold Package. The Gold Package includes vapor steam cleaning the interior’s dashboard, center console, cupholder area, doors, and seats. The interior surfaces are also protected with aerospace protectant. The exterior received a premium hand wash, a fine coat of wax, steam cleaning of windows, wheels wells cleaned, wheels … Read More

2013 Porsche Panamera: Premium Package

Premere Auto Detail Porsche Panamera

We had the pleasure of taking care of a 2013 Porsche Panamera in a unique grey color. The Porsche needed some love since it hasn’t been washed in some time. Many car washes would not service it because of it’s quality. We were pleased to be given the opportunity to take care of this baby. The owner decided to go … Read More

2006 Mercedes Benz CL 500 – Platinum Package

Black 2006 Mercedes Benz CL500 Auto Detail

We  were honored to take care of our client’s black CL500. The car has been taken care of, but required some attention coming off of a harsh winter. This baby received our Premium Package which includes a premium hand wash, clay bar treatment, machine polishing to remove swirls and scratches, and sealant applied to the paint and wheels. The interior … Read More

The New 2015 Mercedes Benz S Class COUPE [Video]


Yes, you heard that right. An S Class coupe… Mercedes rolled out a concept in 2013 and the 2015 model looks very similar. One can imagine that the Mercedes’ S coupe will compete with BMW’s 6 series. Which looks better? We’ll just say that BMW has had a head start. Starting around $116,000, the S Coupe will likely come in … Read More