About Paint Protective Film (Clear Bra)

If you love your car, then you need to read this. Paint protective film is a must for every vehicle that is important to it’s owner. Here is the truth. Your car will receive rock chips. Rock chips damaging your vehicle is as inevitable as getting wet in a pool. The road is harsh on vehicles. From acidic bug splatter … Read More

How is Salt Bad For Your Car’s Paint?

Road Salt Can Cause Rust on Your Car

Good question. We have all heard that road salt that is used in winter months is bad for your car’s paint, but is it really? What is Road Salt? Road salt is used to create a lower freezing temperature on road surfaces, leading to less ice on roadways. What you normally see on the roads is a mixture of salt … Read More

Bird Droppings and Bug Splatter are Destroying Your Car’s Paint

If you love your car, you want it to look its best possible. The problem is, there are so many environmental elements working against your car looking its best. Among rock chips, hard water spots, tree sap, and many other environmental factors; Bird droppings and bug splatters are some of the harsh on your vehicles paint. Did you know that … Read More

How to Tell if Your Car Needs a New Paint Job


  It’s important that you take great care of your car. Your paint is one of the most important portions of your car. When considering a cars value and age, we like to determine its value based upon its appearance. Much of a car’s appearance lies within its paint. Having a pristine paint job can add thousands of dollars in … Read More