How to Tell if Your Car Needs a New Paint Job


It’s important that you take great care of your car. Your paint is one of the most important portions of your car. When considering a car’s value and age, we like to determine its value based on its appearance. Much of a car’s appearance lies within its paint. Having a pristine paint job can add thousands of dollars in value to your car and make it far easier to live with for years to come or resell. We will go over a few things to look out for in determining whether you need a new paint job and what you can do to save your paint if you don’t.

1) Fading

Fading has to be one of the most common reasons people get their cars completely repainted. The fading of your paint is when your paint losses its color and richness. Often times the owner cannot tell if the car has been fadig because of the slow transition and with them continuously seeing the vehicle. A great indicator of telling if your vehicle has faded badly is to use a previous picture of it from your personal records or online. When comparing the two pictures, if your vehicle is badly discolored and lacks a shine that gives off a reflection, it’s probably about time for a new paint job. The most common cause off paint fading is the lack of protection to the paint. When paint is exposed to the elements, including the sun, snow, and other violent aspects of nature, it can cause the paint to deteriorate over time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have your car professionally waxed at least four times a year. Black cars are particularly sensitive to fading and it is recommended that they are waxed at least 6 times per year to avoid fading and paying thousands of dollars for a new paint job.

2) Peeling

Peeling is also another good indication of whether your vehicle needs a new paint job. Fading usually happens prior to peeling but  it would be time for a new paint job if you do see areas on your paint where the clear coat is peeling from your basecoat, Peeling is another annoyance that can be prevented with proper protection  and maintenance. Indications of peeling include, paint chips that have been exposed for long periods of time, bubbles in your paint, or having highly discolored areas. By having your car regularly waxed by a professional, you greatly reduce the chances of your paint and clear coat peeling.

3) Severe Scratches

Severe and numerous scratches can also be a great indication of whether you need a new paint job. Scratches are one thing that makes it particularly hard to determine if you need a new paint job. Some scratches can be buffed out with a high speed polisher by a qualified professional. Other scratches are so deep into the paint that no amount of buffing could remove them. A good indication to tell whether a scratch is deep or not is to wet your finger and wipe over the scratch, if it disappears briefly, there is a good chance it can be saved, if it does not disappear, it may be untreatable. Also look to see if you can see the surface under that paint through the scratch, if you can, the scratch is too deep and paint must be reapplied over that area. If you  ve accumulated many scratches that can’t be corrected using a high-speed polisher, it’s probably time for a new paint job. And with your new paint job, you must avoid hazardous situations that can cause scratches, like grocery , tight parking spaces, parking lots, carts, and placing items or boxes on your car.

By using these three methods to inspect your vehicles paint and condition, you will be in a great position to make an informed decision as to whether your vehicle needs a new paint job.

What are some things that are important for you regarding your cars paint?