Bird Droppings and Bug Splatter are Destroying Your Car’s Paint

If you love your car, you want it to look its best possible. The issue is that there are so many environmental elements working against your car looking its best. Among rock chips, hard water spots, tree sap, and many other environmental factors; Bird droppings and bug splatters are some of the harsh on your vehicles paint.

Did you know that some bird droppings, if left in the sun, can permanently damage your vehicles paint in less than an hour of sitting on the car?

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Bug Splatter Damage

This is shocking information because bird droppings are frequently exposed to vehicles parked under trees and power lines, especially in warmer months.

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Birds have no bladder because they don’t store liquid wastes, unlike mammals. Birds channel their urine into a common chamber utilized for digestive and urinary wastes. This chamber, known as the cloaca, also consists of reproductive by-products. Hence, when a bird’s waste consists fo  undigested bits such as seeds and insect parts and also white uric acid crystals.

This acid in bird droppings is what causes it to burn and damage your vehicles paint.

Bug splatter is acidic as well and can have a devastating impact on your vehicles paint.

So now that we know that bird droppings and bug splatter can damage and permanently hurt our vehicles paint, what can we do about it?

Have your vehicles paint-protected. Waxes and sealants are great options to protect your paint. However, many times the bird droppings and bug splatter are so acidic they burn through the protection as well. A better alternative than traditional waxes and sealants are permanent coatings. Permanent coatings offer more protection but are also more durable than traditonal waxes and sealants. This means that you have more time to remove the bird droppings or bug splatter from your paint before they permanently damage them.

For some great permanent coating options, you can check out Optimum Opti-Coat Pro and CarPro CQuartz FINEST.