6 Car Companies That Own Other Car Companies – Infographic

There are so many different car brands out there. Whether it be Honda, Toyota, Lexus, or Mercedes, the list goes on. The hard part comes when determining which one of these car brands owns the other. For instance, Toyota owns Lexus and Volkswagen owns Bugatti. It seems as though there is a never ending carousel of which car brand owns … Read More

How is Salt Bad Your Car’s Paint?

Road Salt Can Cause Rust on Your Car

Good question. We’ve all heard that road salt used in winter is bad for the paint of your car’ but is it really? What is Road Salt? Road salt’ is utilized to lower the freezing temperature on the surface of the road, resulting in less ice on the road. What we usually use is a mix of salt and sand. … Read More

What is Auto/Car Detailing?

We constantly receive calls from people asking us, “Do you guys do car washes?” Car washes are necessary and good for your car, but when you think in terms of detailing, car washes are often just the beginning. Auto detailing is the use of professional methods and products to rejuvenate the exterior and/or interior of a vehicle. Auto detailing is … Read More

The Cost of Car Ownership is Rising – Infographic

The team here at Premere wanted to find a way to educated auto enthusiast and consumer in a unique and different way. We teamed up with a phenomenal graphic design firm to bring you an infographic that communicates how car ownership cost are rising. A special thank you to AAA, ABC, and HowStuffWorks. With that said, enjoy the infographic and … Read More

What Are Your New Years Goals For Your Car?

We’ve all heard of “new years resolutions” right? It’s so exciting to look forward into the New Year and have a desire that you want to fulfill. Many times we set fitness, family, relational, and professional goals. But how about some vehicle goals? Have you ever felt like you should take better care of your car? Vacuum it out more? … Read More

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We at Premere are all wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2013 has been kind to us and we hope it has been kind to you. We have accomplished many things and look forward to the promise of 2014. In the upcoming days we will be reflecting on 2013 and all of the things that went … Read More

Should You Choose Leather or Cloth Seats When Buying a Car?

The age old question of leather or cloth will forever be a question when purchasing a new vehicle. Both leather and fabric have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s best to determine what best fits you to select the option that will keep you happy. You May Want Leather Seats if… There are several things to consider when determining if leather … Read More

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car in Brand New Condition

We all love the new car feel. It looks nice and shiny. We get in and it has that new smell of freshly crafted plastic. We dare not eat in it or allow anyone else to. But then, as time goes on, slowly those feelings start to fade. The car doesn’t shine as it used to. A great smell is … Read More

Case Study: 2008 BMW M3 Coupe

We wanted to do a case study to show a walk through of our process to display our results. We had the opportunity to detail a beautiful 2008 BMW M3 Coupe. For all of you car lovers out there, you know that this is one bad baby. This car received our Premium Package and it needed a little love. Well … Read More

How to Tell if Your Car Needs a New Paint Job


It’s important that you take great care of your car. Your paint is one of the most important portions of your car. When considering a car’s value and age, we like to determine its value based on its appearance. Much of a car’s appearance lies within its paint. Having a pristine paint job can add thousands of dollars in value … Read More