Case Study: 2008 BMW M3 Coupe

We wanted to do a case study to show a walk through of our process to display our results. We had the opportunity to detail a beautiful 2008 BMW M3 Coupe. For all of you car lovers out there, you know that this is one bad baby. This car received our Premium Package and it needed a little love. Well enough talking, on to the pictures!


Here’s the Interior Before

Here are the Door Jambs Before

And After

Trunk Jambs Before

Trunk Jambs After

Interior After – All Surfaces Cleaned and Protected with Professional Protectant

Wheels Before – BMW is known for ridiculous brake dust

Wheels After – Also applied wax to wheels to help combat that brake dust in the future

Exterior Before – Did not remember to get many before pictures of the exterior, got caught in the zone before realizing.

After quick wipedown of door, Lower sideskirt is still dirty as the entire car originally was

Claybar Treatment – Removing embedded dirt and contamination

After Claybar treatment – Here is the hood before Paint Correction

Hood After Paint Correction

Roof after Paint Correction before Wax Coating.

After Paint Correction – If you look directly at the dual xenon halogen light, you can see complete clarity and elimination of scratches and swirls.

After Wash, Claybar Treatment, Paint Correction, and Wax Coating.

Hope you enjoyed! A big thank you to the owner for letting us document the process. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Give us a call now to receive your free consultation and schedule your appointment.

Enjoy Your Day!

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