Should You Choose Leather or Cloth Seats When Buying a Car?

The age old question of leather or cloth will forever be a question when purchasing a new vehicle. Both leather and fabric have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s best to determine what best fits you to select the option that will keep you happy.

You May Want Leather Seats if…

There are several things to consider when determining if leather seats are best for you. Do you have kids? If so, leather seats may not be best for you. Kids tend to bite, draw, and do all kinds of things to leather. Leather is simply cow skin which is sturdy but sensitive. It’s also important to know that leather tends to be hot in the summer while also being cold in the winter. If you have tons of loose hair or a pet that you transport in your car, leather may be better as long as the pet doesn’t have claws that will pierce the leather. Leather may be better because hair tends to get caught up in cloth seats fibers and compromise the look of the seats if they aren’t completely clean.

Some great things about leather is that if you happen to spill something on it, you can wipe it up quickly to avoid permanent stains. Leather also tends to provide a better feel and provide a more luxurious sheen. If you do not have much traffic in and out of the vehicle leather is also great. When leather is under much pressure and is frequently utilized, it has a tendency to crack and peel due to wear.

You May Want Cloth Seats if…

There are also several factors to consider when deciding whether cloth seats are best for you. If you do have young children, cloth seats may be better for you because they are not as sensitive as leather seats and can usually take more abuse without wear. Cloth seats tend to be cool both in the summer and winter.

Light colored cloth seats can stain fairly easy; While dark colored fabric seats can absorb more stains without compromising the look of the seats.

Both cloth and leather seats have their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, you will consider some of these things when determining whether cloth or leather seats are best for you when making your next car purchase.