What Should I Do If Something Spills In My Car?

If there is anything that is almost inevitable, it is something spilling in your car. At one point in time something will spill. It may not be because you were drinking but spills randomly happen from all sorts of things. The question is, what is the best thing to do when spills happen?

Attend to The Spill While It Is Still Wet

The best time to take care of a spill is while it is still wet. This increases your chances of being able to fully remove the substance and prevent permanent staining. While the spill is still wet grab a microfiber towel if possible (you should keep some in your trunk) or any towel and BLOT the spill if it is on the carpet. Do not rub the spill, as you will be pressing the substance into the carpet. You want to remove the substance.

Continue to blot the spill with a wet towel, once the towel is saturated with the substance, wring it out, re-wet, and continue to blot. Once you see the blotting is no longer affective, hopefully the spill is fully removed. If not, now it is time to apply a solution to the spill. Solutions such as gentile all-purpose cleaners are perfect for the stain and should help lift the spill from the surface.

With plenty of water and a brush, you can massage the cleaner into the carpet and use a wet vacuum if possible or a towel to remove the substance. If the substance still does not come out, steam may need to be applied.

I recommend you have the spill treated by a professional auto detailer to ensure it is properly cared for, but these are some tips you can use while the spill is wet to help make your detailer’s life easier.

Are there any successful tips you have when attending to car spills or anything you would like to know?