Is Armor-All Good For My Tires?

I remember being young and hearing stores about how old timers used to put Coca-Cola on their tires to make them shine. There’s nothing like having a set of nice shiny tires to complement a clean car. With that said, what is the best product to use on your tires?

We know the most popular brand of dressing used on tires is Armor-All. The famous can spray that can go on foamy and leave a wet-like shine.

Here is the truth, tire dressings that come in aerosol cans are bad for your tires. Yes, you heard me correctly. If the tire dressing comes in an aerosol can, it will do more harm than good for your tires. Not only that, but petroleum based tire dressing is down right not good for your tires.

This is because many of the chemicals used to allow the solution be to properly contained in an aerosol can are bad for your tires. What this does is it causes your tires to turn brown over time and also develop cracks. Ultimately, decreasing performance and increasing tires replacement cost. Petroleum is not a good idea when it comes to your tires.

Also, spraying on tire dressing often causes overspray to get on your wheels and fenders, which is not good. On top of it all, if you drive your car too soon after application, the dressing will sling onto your cars paint.

Ok ok, so now that we know the ill effects of tire spray and certain dressings, what is the best solution?

The best thing for dressing your tires is a water-based gel.

Water-based tire gel can be applied with a cloth or sponge applicator. The great thing is that it does not turn your tires brown or cause them to crack over time because it is not petroleum based but based in water.

I won’t bore you with all of the nerdy details but a great over the counter non-petroleum-based tire gel that you can buy is Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel. It’s really great stuff that I am sure you will love. It also last a long time when you do two light coats. We use Optimum Opti-Bond on tires and absolutely love it!

What are some of your favorite products or tips when using tire dressing?