Should I Change My Tires For the Winter?

It’s important to know whether you should change your tires for the winter or not. Well, should you? It depends.

Changing from summer to winter tires means that you are opting to have tires with more traction that are often times beefier in appearance than summer tires. This comes in handy when you consider people who live in areas that frequently receives snow, rain, and inclement weather. So if that is you, it may be wise to invest in a nice set of winter tires that you can rotate between seasons.

But what about the city dwellers or people that don’t get much bad weather in the winter? It may be to just use all season tires and call it a day. If you don’t believe you will frequently be traveling in bad weather due to your area then it wouldn’t be a pressing need. However, if you frequently travel in snow or if it snows heavy when it does, then a good set of winter tires can be a godsend.

If you face snow frequently or face substantial amounts of snow, invest in changing to winter tires in winter months.

Tip: Be sure to keep your summer tires when you have them changed. That way when the season changes, you can swap them back without buying more tires. Beware or the tire company telling you the tires are no good. Many times they would like to keep the tires and resale them.

Hope that helped! What are you experiences when changing t winter tires?