Permanent Coatings Now Replacing Waxes and Sealants

In the last year that has been a tremendous rise in the advancement and use of permanent coatings. Two coatings in particular, Opti-Coat Pro (Opti-Guard) and Cquartz Finest are changing the paint protection market as we know it. For dozens of years, waxes (made of natural ingredients) have been the go to product for protecting your vehicles paint and adding some shine. Just recently, sealants (made of fabricated ingredients) emerged into the market and provided a superior protection alternative.

Now permanent coatings are becoming more and more popular among car enthusiast. The idea of applying a protection on your paint once, and for years never having to reapply it again is just too compelling. Gone are the days of wondering if your car is still protected and watching your cars shine fade as the wax wears off. Now we can have a shine that doesn’t fade and need as much attention as before (proper washing is still required).

Watch this video of how Opti-Coat performs 13 months after it has been applied. (Watch as it repels water)

It is exciting to see more car owners and lovers choose permanent coatings over traditional paint protection products. I expect the trend to continue as more people discover the true value of having a permanent coating that is hydrophobic, helps combat scratches, increases shine, and protects your clear coat. If you would like to find out more about permanent coatings, check out our pages on Opti-Coat Pro and Cquartz Finest.