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If you love your car and want to give it the highest quality of care, then Cquartz FINEST is for you. Many people are familiar with carnauba wax and polymer sealants. These are wonderful inventions and can provide temporary protection for your car. However, these waxes and sealants will over time deteriorate over time and will have to be reapplied to keep your car protected. Cquartz FINEST Permanent Coating is now here! FINEST is a permanent coating that is unlike waxes or sealants.

FINEST can only be installed by authorized installers of CarPro, the manufacturer of FINEST. We are the authorized Cquartz FINEST Installers of Washington, DC.

FINEST adds Permanent:

  • Gloss
  • Dust and Dirt Resistance
  • Protection from Scratches
  • Protection from Environmental Contaminants
  • Protection from Bugs
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Protection from Paint Fading
  • Watch this brief video to see how Cquartz FINEST permanently protects your paint.

    Bug splatter and bird droppings are the enemy of every cars paint. Did you know that both are acidic and can permanently damage your cars paint. Now consider rock chips, have you ever had rocks chip your paint to cause you to need touch-up paint or a repaint to your car? FINEST fights all of these elements for you. With it molecular structure and thickness, you car will be protected like no other.

    FINEST has a thickness of 1.5~3µm. It also comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

    The best part of FINEST? You will not need to have your car waxed or sealed for years! This is because you are putting on a permanent coating instead of a temporary one that fades away. All you will have to do is have your car cleaned properly and the shine will continue to look as if it was freshly sealed.

    Watch this video of how effective Cquartz FINEST is at resisting scratches.

    This illustration shows you just how FINEST is able to enhance gloss and resist elements, scratches, and rock chips.

    Car Auto Permanent Coating  Sealant Wax Protection

    Contact us now to find out more about Cquartz FINEST and to schedule your appointment for permanent coating!

    Authorized CarPro Cquartz Finest Detailer

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