Opti-Coat Permanent Coating for Cars Washington, DC

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If you would like your paint to be protected with one of the strongest permanent coatings available, Opti-Coat Pro (Opti-Guard) is for you. Optimum has been creating break-through products for the detailing industry for years. They have done it again with Opti-Coat Pro permanent coating. Opti-Coat Pro is based on a resin pre-polymer once it’s applied, it reacts and cross-links with paint-clear and urethane coats to form a permanent coating.

Opti-Coat Pro can only be installed by authorized installers of Optimum, the manufacturer of Opti-Coat Pro. We are the authorized Optimum Opti-Coat Pro Installers of Washington, DC.

Opti-Coat Pro adds Permanent:

  • Gloss
  • Dust and Dirt Resistance
  • Protection from Scratches
  • Protection from Environmental Contaminants
  • Protection from Bugs
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Protection from Paint Fading

Your car is exposed to many elements that deteriorate it over time. Just take a look at a car that has not been properly protected for months or years at a time. Different things such as bug splatter, bird droppings, scratches, parking lot scuffs, rock chips, environmental contaminants, pollution, and much more all attack your paint over time. What waxes and sealants do is protect your vehicle temporarily from these elements. But when the wax or sealant fades away, your car is unprotected and exposed to harsh elements.

Watch this video of how Opti-Coat performs 13 months after it has been applied.

The solution? A quality permanent coating. Opti-Coat Pro permanent coating acts as a wax or sealant, only it is more durable, adds intense shine, and is permanent. Opti-Coat Pro will never wash away and will allow you to never need to have your car waxed again! This means that your car will always shine as if it was just waxed and you will save tons of money by not having to have your car repeatedly waxed.

Optimum offers different versions of Opti-Coat. We are authorized installers of Opti-Coat Pro. Opti-Coat Pro is only available to authorized detailers and installers to insure that it is properly applied. Opti-Coat Pro is more effective and longer lasting than the general public version. If you want your car to be permanently protected and permanently shine, Opti-Coat Pro is for you!

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