Red Ferrari 458 Italia Auto Detail – Premere Auto Detail

Sports car

We had the pleasure of showing this Ferrari 458 Italia some much needed love. It was in true drivers condition and the owner had tons of fun in it. We performed our Premium Package on it to restore its luster and give it a nice amount of protection heading into the future. We performed a premium hand wash, clay bar … Read More

6 Car Companies That Own Other Car Companies – Infographic

There are so many different car brands out there. Whether it be Honda, Toyota, Lexus, or Mercedes, the list goes on. The hard part comes when determining which one of these car brands owns the other. For instance, Toyota owns Lexus and Volkswagen owns Bugatti. It seems as though there is a never ending carousel of which car brand owns … Read More

2012 Range Rover HSE: Gold Package

Premere Auto Detail 2012 Range Rover HSE

Here are some pictures of a client’s Range Rover that received our Gold Package. The Gold Package includes vapor steam cleaning the interior’s dashboard, center console, cupholder area, doors, and seats. The interior surfaces are also protected with aerospace protectant. The exterior received a premium hand wash, a fine coat of wax, steam cleaning of windows, wheels wells cleaned, wheels … Read More

2013 Porsche Panamera: Premium Package

Premere Auto Detail Porsche Panamera

We had the pleasure of taking care of a 2013 Porsche Panamera in a unique grey color. The Porsche needed some love since it hasn’t been washed in some time. Many car washes would not service it because of it’s quality. We were pleased to be given the opportunity to take care of this baby. The owner decided to go … Read More

2006 Mercedes Benz CL 500 – Platinum Package

Black 2006 Mercedes Benz CL500 Auto Detail

We  were honored to take care of our client’s black CL500. The car has been taken care of, but required some attention coming off of a harsh winter. This baby received our Premium Package which includes a premium hand wash, clay bar treatment, machine polishing to remove swirls and scratches, and sealant applied to the paint and wheels. The interior … Read More

14′ Mercedes Benz E63 S-AMG Paint Correction and Opti-Coat Pro Application


We recently had a client take delivery of a white 2014 Mercedes Benz E63 S-AMG. This car is absolutely gorgeous. It was a pleasure to work on this rare beauty. The paint was in decent condition from the factory and dealer but it did need paint correction attention to remove swirls and scratches. We then applied Opti-Coat Pro to the … Read More

Case Study: Tesla Model S Paint Correction and Opti-Coat Pro Installation

We had the wonderful opportunity to install Opti-Coat Pro (Opti-Guard) on a 2013 release Tesla Model S Performance. Before Opti-Coat Pro (A permanent coating) could be installed, the navy blue Tesla was in need of some paint correction. There were scratches, swirls, hard water spots, and marring in the paints clear coat. Together with the owner, we decided a long … Read More

Case Study: 2008 BMW M3 Coupe

We wanted to do a case study to show a walk through of our process to display our results. We had the opportunity to detail a beautiful 2008 BMW M3 Coupe. For all of you car lovers out there, you know that this is one bad baby. This car received our Premium Package and it needed a little love. Well … Read More