Why Does Dashboards Crack?

Many of us have been victims of dashboards cracking on us. One day you look up and notice that your dashboard has cracked and can’t quite remember when it happened or why it happened. Hopefully this post will help you out a bit.

One of the best ways to understand why dashboards crack is to compare them to skin. If not moisturized, your skin can become really dry at times. When dry skins occurs, you may experience flakes, ash, peeling, and all kinds of side effects. The dry skin likely occurred because your skin was not moisturized.

Much like skin, the vinyl plastic that many dashboards are made out of can become dry. Particularly in hotter months such as the summer, the sun and humidity can make your vinyl plastic surfaces extremely dry. This causes the plastic surfaces to shrink and shrivel up. The vinyl surface continues to shrivel until eventually there is too much tension and the plastic cracks.

So now that we know why and how our dashboards crack, how exactly do we fix it? The same way you fix dry skin, by moisturizing it. Moisturizing or protecting your dashboard and vinyl plastic with a protectant can add years of life to your interior and make it look like new. Applying protectant to your interior once every four months is a great idea to prevent cracking and maintaining a optimal look.

I am not a big fan of Armor-all as their products often leave a greasy look and feel. I tend to enjoy a more subtle sheen that makes the interior look like it just rolled out of the factory. There are many reputable protectants out there that can give you a clean sheen. One that we at Premere use and love is 303 Aerospace Protectant. If you would like to purchase some, you can >>click here<<.

I hope that this post helped you. Let me know your thoughts below. Have you ever experienced a dashboard cracking on you?