Numerous services are offered by Premere Auto Detail including vapor steam cleaning services. Our vapor steam cleaning is offered as just one aspect of some care packages which include the Platinum, Premium, Diamond, and Gold packages. We also offer an a la carte package.

Anyone can wash your car. You can even run it through a quick wash at a gas station or do it yourself. But no one washes a vehicle as we do. What’s more, you’ll never get your interior as clean as we can with our vapor steam cleaning services.

About Our Vapor Steam Services

We don’t just wash your automobile – we detail it. What is meant by the term “auto detailing”? Average car washes don’t pay much attention to detail. But by booking our service, your vehicle will feel, smell, and look brand-new again. What’s more, specialized procedures, products, and higher quality materials are used for cleaning. For full service, you want the interior of your automobile to be as clean as it can be.

As part of the interior detailing, you may choose to go with a vapor steam clean plus aerospace protection. This will include your doors, cup holder area, center console, and dashboard. We can also steam clean and protect your seats.

When we are all done, to give your car the protection it needs and keep it looking better and longer, you may choose to have exterior scratches removed by booking a deep polish. This will add not only protection but shine and luster while removing scratches. For extended protection and a deeper shine, you may choose to have a sealant, wax, or permanent coating applied to the exterior, as well.

Advantages of Vapor Steam Services

When you have your car washed, the exterior looks shiny and new – particularly if you have scratches and dings buffed out and treated. But now that the exterior looks new again, what about the interior? The best way to refresh and revitalize your interior – and breathe new life back into it – is with a vapor steam cleaning. Our high-quality steam vapor system will sanitize, clean, and detail every inch of the inside of your car, SUV, or truck. There’s nothing to rinse off and the process is amazingly fast. Best of all, no toxic chemicals are used.

Book Vapor Steam Service at Premere Auto Detail Today

We are so confident we can make your car look shiny and new – both inside and out– that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Start with an exterior premium hand wash and continue onto the interior of your vehicle with a vapor steam treatment.  Be sure to check out our outstanding Premere Auto Detail reviews on Yelp. Here’s one, as an example:

“’ Bob’ sent me a text when he finished detailing my car. I met up with him and together we went over every inch of the interior and exterior. The car looked incredible! ‘Bob’ is a real pro! I’m going to recommend this service to all my family members and friends.” JJ – Herndon, VA

To find out more about our vapor steam services, call us at (202) 644-9444 today.