Welcome to Premere Auto Detail, your number 1 car auto detailer, serving customers from Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Trust us for quality services that can help you enjoy lasting results that exceed your expectations. From car washes to interior cleaning and scratch repairs, our passionate detailers are here to fulfill your every auto detailing need.

Premium Hand Wash Services in Crofton, MD

Get a premium hand wash to keep your car looking shiny and sparkling. Our hand wash is much more thorough than an automated car wash as we tackle every inch of your car exterior.

Vapor Steam Services in Crofton, MD

Vapor steam is known to be a much healthier alternative to chemicals. Our vapor steam services can get rid of bacteria on your car interior that including the steering wheel, seats, floors, and dashboards.

Car Interior Cleaning Services in Crofton, MD

Regardless of how your car looks, we will transform it back to its brand new condition. We will get rid of dust, debris, and grime so you can travel comfortably with your friends and family. The windows will also be maintained so outward visibility will be kept clear from any angle.

Car Engine Cleaning Services in Crofton, MD

We can keep your engine clean from any dirt and road grime that may obstruct its flow. Our car engine cleaning services will ensure you can enjoy peak performance on every ride.

Car Paint Scratch Repair Services in Crofton, MD

There is no need to redo your entire paint work just because of a few minor scratches. We offer car paint scratch repair services that can be done in just several hours.

Cquartz FINEST Permanent Coating Services in Crofton, MD

Cquartz FINEST permanent coating has been hailed by many as a top-notch solution to exterior residue. It protects your car exterior from tough stains that can be difficult to remove. With the added layer of protection, you can easily wipe away watermarks, bird droppings, and dust.

Mobile Clear Bra Paint Protective Film Installation Services in Crofton, MD

Use our clear bra paint protective film to safeguard your car paint work and resist external elements like rain and road debris. Our installation service takes a few hours to complete so you can continue commuting within the same day.

Optimum Opti-Coat Pro Permanent Coating Services in Crofton, MD

Our Opti-Coat Pro permanent coating service is one of the most popular services among our customers. The coating can easily shed water and dirt so it becomes so much easier to maintain the exterior of your car.

Why Choose Premere Auto Detail’s Mobile Car Detailing Services in Crofton, MD?

Look no further than Premere Auto Detail if you are looking to enjoy stellar results that last. We will keep your car’s interior and exterior looking like new again for that comfortable ride all the time. We are equipped with advanced tools and equipment that we will bring along with us for every appointment. Regardless of where you are, our detailers will come to you, to save you a trip!

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