We have been responsible for turning more than 2,300 dusty and dirty cars into sparkling, factory-fresh showpieces since 2013. Imagine how your car could look following the services we offer! Best of all, whether it’s work, home, or anywhere else, we come to you. Enjoy your day while we transform your old vehicle into something beautiful. Don’t worry about leaving your keys with us – there’s no need.

Check out the numerous services we provide.

Premium Hand Wash

Our premium hand wash is offered as just one aspect of several packages (diamond, platinum, premium, and gold). An example of one package includes the following:

  • Premium hand wash
  • Carpet and floor mats cleaned
  • Seats steam cleaned and protected
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Door jambs steam cleaned
  • Interior and trunk vacuumed
  • Windows cleaned outside and in
  • Removal of paint contaminants/clay bar treatment
  • Tire gel X2
  • One step machine buff/polish

Vapor Steam

This is a service used for the interior of your automobile. Without leaving a chemical smell, the interior of your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned. Nothing cleans like steam!

Car Interior Cleaning

The interior of a car can become exceedingly dirty after repeated use. Even if you don’t abuse the inside of your car, grime tends to build up. With vapor steam and other interior cleaning methods, we’ll make it look and smell new again.

Car Engine Cleaning

Your engine is probably the dirtiest part of your car. A clean engine not only looks nicer, but also tends to perform in a more efficient manner. Why not pay as much attention to your engine as you do to the exterior and interior of your vehicle?

Car Paint Scratch Repair

Our cars all have scratches and dings that, more times than not, got there without us even being aware of them. Without repainting your vehicle, we’ll remove scratches.

Cquartz FINEST Permanent Coating

Only authorized dealers can offer this service. The following will be provided through this product:

  • Protect your paint from fading
  • Easier maintenance
  • Protect against bugs
  • Resist environmental contaminants
  • Protection against scratches
  • Dirt and dust resistance
  • Gloss finish

Mobile Clear Bra Paint Protective Film Installation

This protective film helps shield your automobile against bug splatters, minor abrasions, rock chips, and more. For maximum protection, this thermoplastic urethane material can be applied not only to the interior of your car but to side mirrors, the hood, and front bumpers.

Optimum Opti-Coat Pro Permanent Coating

This is one of the strongest coatings available and will do an incredible job of protecting your vehicle’s paint job. Once again, this elite product can only be used by authorized dealers.

Why Choose Premere Auto Detail?

We are so confident that we can make your car look brand-new again, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You won’t pay us a dime if we don’t remove scratches – without the need for painting!

As you can see by the options offered above, we provide a number of services. Undoubtedly, any number of them would go a long way toward improving the aesthetic quality of your automobile.

Make your car look, smell, and feel brand new today! Call us at (202) 644-9444 or fill out our contact form online!