The 4 Perks Of Hiring A Professional Ceramic Coating Service    

Ceramic coating jobs are among the most challenging of all ceramic coating services. You need to find a reputable and experienced ceramics specialist who can supply you with a detailed analysis of your needs, cost, and schedule. But you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for an analysis that comes back as wrong as possible. That’s why hiring a ceramic … Read More

Scratch On Ceramic Coating? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

If you’ve ever had a ceramic coating on your car, you know it’s a great way to keep your paint looking new. But what do you do when there’s a scratch on the coating? While they’re not as damaging as traditional scratches, they can still be an eyesore and take away from your car’s appearance. This article will show you … Read More

How To Deep Clean Car Interior: 6 Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

Cleaning your car’s interior can be a daunting task. But it’s important to get into all the nooks and crannies to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime that can accumulate over time. Here are a few deep clean car interior spots you shouldn’t miss. Vacuum All Surfaces One of the best ways to deep clean your car’s interior is by vacuuming the surfaces … Read More

Does Your Car Need Auto Paint Correction?       

It’s no secret that cars require a lot of maintenance. Between oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections, keeping track of everything your car needs can be hard. But one important aspect of car care that often gets overlooked is auto paint correction. So, does your car need it? The short answer is: probably, and here is why! Fading Paint … Read More

Car Wash Vs. Car Detailing In Maryland

There’s a lot of debate surrounding the topic of car washes and car detailing Maryland. Many people are unsure of the difference between the two services and whether or not they need one or the other. This article will explore the differences between car washes and car detailing and help you decide which service is right for you. So, What’s … Read More

2014 Audi S4 Paint Correction and Opti-Coat Pro Application

We had the pleasure of taking care of a gorgeous new black 2014 Audi S4. The car was in decent shape but needed some paint correction before it was sealed up with Opti-Coat Pro permanent coating. The owner takes great care of it. However, we believe many of the imperfections in the paint came from the dealer and transport before … Read More

Northern Virginia Auto Detailing

Did you know that car washes destroy your car over time? The brushes, tools, products, and dirty rags leave scratches and swirls that damage your paint causing you to lose THOUSANDS of dollars in resale value. Having your car professionally detailed makes your car look, smell, and feel brand new. Is your car protected? Your paint not being properly protected … Read More

Silver Spring MD Auto Detailing

Is your car dirty? You need a professional auto detail. Did you know that car washes damage your paint with scratches and swirl marks that causes your paint to lose its value over time? Over time, dirt builds up in areas of your vehicle that don’t get attention, like the pores of your paint, your interior, door jambs, engine, and … Read More

Potomac MD Auto Detailing

Your car is a very important investment. Did you know that drive-thru car washes can destroy your vehicle over time? A professional auto detail gives your vehicle the attention it deserves. Having your car detailed can help you retain thousands of dollars in your vehicles value while making your car look, smell, and feel like new. We have over 7 … Read More

Alexandria Auto Detailing

Do you want your car to look, smell, and feel brand new? A high-quality detail can help bring your car to the condition you’ll love. Have your care taken car of by an experienced auto detailing professional. We have over 7 years of auto detailing experience and look to provide you with the highest quality service with results you’ll love. … Read More