We are Premere Auto Detail, and we hate scratches! That’s just one of the reasons why we go out of our way to take the scratches, dings, etc. out of your beloved automobile’s paint job. But we don’t stop there – no, far from it. We offer a couple of different protective finishes to help guard against future paint damage, including one that actually helps heal minor scratches and chips on its own.

To have both the inside and outside of your car thoroughly detailed, you can count on our professional services. We’ll even go under the hood and steam clean your engine, to help protect against engine fires and extend the value of your car, truck, or SUV.

When you look at the big picture, the cost of the services we offer pales in comparison to the benefits you will enjoy because of them. Let’s look, in particular, at scratches, dings, etc., and what we can do to repair them and protect against future surface damage.

About Our Car Paint Scratch Repair Services

To make sure the work is done right on your vehicle, we take our time. That said, you’ll be surprised at how fast the entire process will go! We treat your car, truck, or SUV as if it were our own. Our skilled technicians provide long-lasting results and efficient service. You’ll love what we can accomplish with your vehicle. Premere Auto Detail can take your tired old vehicle and make it look shiny and new again.

Advantages of Professional Paint Scratch Repair Services

There is no need to bring your vehicle to us because we come to you. While you go about your workday or enjoy some time with your family, we’ll be refreshing and revitalizing your automobile. If you like, in addition to detailing the interior and exterior of your car, truck, or SUV, we will go under the hood and steam clean your engine. There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed from a clean, oil-free motor compartment.

Removing the scratches, dings, and grime from your car will help extend its value and make you feel better about your vehicle again. But once the paint job has been restored without having to actually re-paint, you’ll want to protect it from future damage. That’s where our protective coatings come in. Be sure to discuss these with us when you book our service.

Book Car Paint Scratch Repair Services at Premere Auto Detail Today

Even if your vehicle is old and dingy, Premere Auto Detail can help. We will detail the exterior and interior, and even steam clean the engine if you wish. You can enjoy a car that looks, feels, and smells better through our services. With an engine cleaning, you’ll even be safer and extend the value of your car, truck, or SUV further.

We offer several packages which include various options for both interior and exterior services. Check out our gold, premier, platinum, or silver package. We also offer an à la carte package.

To find out more about our car paint scratch repair services, call us at (202) 644-9444 today.