BMW M2: Faster, Lighter and More Spectacular

BMW M2 Update Premere Auto Detail

BMW M2 News From Premere Auo Detail

We have some great info on the beloved 14′ BMW M2. The M2 that made its debut in Las Vegas is expected to receive a power boost and to shave a few pounds. Supposedly shaving 200-300 pounds, the M2 should be more agile, making it a fun car to drive. But as we all know, weight isn’t everything. Smart cars don’t way much, but I take it they are too fun to drive as well. Along with the weight reduction, the M2 will be receiving a boost in horsepower that could come in just under 400hp. That power with that weight seems like a lifetime of fun.

The M2 reminds me of a mashup of the previous 3 series body and 1 series. Either way, it’s a heck of a car and seems like a blast to drive. For more info check out a detailed post on >>Motor Authority<<.

Be on the lookout for the M2 on local streets near you!

Image courtesy of Motor Authority.